NXTP Labs´ pan-regional platform and softlanding spots include these cities of Latam where we run our programs or have business operations.

Buenos Aires

Our headquarter is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have a coworking open space where we invite accelerated startups during the program and hold networking events.


This is one of the cities where our Fintech Regional Program takes place. We can meet there in our open events.


As we are part of the CORFO program, we invest part of our investment fund in Chilean companies with global ambitions. Our Fintech Regional Program also takes place here and we run corporate programs such as BCI and Codelco.

Mexico City

Our Fintech Regional Program takes place in México City. We are also part of the INADEM Program and we invest in Mexican tech startups with global ambitious through our fund.


We partner with Tokai Ventures and run our Agtech Regional Program out of Montevideo.

Sao Paulo

During 2017 we led a exchange commercial mission for the Argentinian government and run the Pulse Hub for Raizen together with other partners as part of our Agtech Program.

San Francisco

Through our partnership with Puente Labs, we love building bridges for our startups.