Our (not so) secret sauce

The smartest community

in LatAm

We love bragging out our entrepreneurs.
Why? Because the are the best we have.  With a platform of +400 entrepreneurs we have helped from day 1. We get them together as many times as we can, we help them growing their businesses and contact them with investors.
We think that successful investing (and eventually great returns for our investors) is ultimately about community-building, shared learning, great communication, empathy and a little bit of luck.


Million dollars

Raised by our portfolio companies



from 15 countries in LatAm



The strongest network



Supporting our entrepreneurs


“We believe in the power of technology as a
driver of impact at scale. There is a great
opportunity to build amazing internet products
for Latin America and the world“.

Diversified portfolio

Investment Focus

We invest in companies throughout Latin America that develop innovative, scalable, and cost-effective business models using new technology. We look for exceptional teams that efficiently deliver basic and value-added services to LatAm customers. We typically write our first checks at the Seed or Series A or B stage, reserving follow-on capital for future rounds of financing.

Our Acceleration Programs

Fintech & Agtech

Early on, NXTP accelerated across all verticals, but we think that Latin America needs specialization, similar in the way Israel managed to develop an expertise in security tech or India in outsourcing. With 50% of the Latin American population unbanked, we believe Fintech has great potential to serve marginalized sectors of the economy and boost growth. Similarly, Latin America is a global agriculture powerhouse.  We believe that Agtech can bring a new wave of innovation and productivity to the region.  Since 2015, we have contributed to the development of innovation hubs in verticals as Agtech and Fintech by running Regional acceleration programs, events and conferences that include partnerships with corporations, development banks and governments of LataAm.

Disrupting organizations

Open Innovation

While we help our young startups build stronger businesses, we also partner with large established corporate players and organizations.  Corporations usually contact us when they need to bring innovation to the company, make internal processes more efficient, add value to their clients or create disruptive innovation to their industry.  We have helped companies involved in a wide range of industries like finance, energy, food, technology, consulting and mining. We love introducing them to our band of startups to create value together.

Shared Value

“The purpose of the corporation must be
redefined as creating shared value, not just
profit per se. This will drive the next wave
of innovation and productivity growth in
the global economy”.