Startups selected for the Agtech Acceleration Program

NXTP Labs announced the startups selected for the AgTech 2018 Acceleration Program, an initiative aimed at detecting the most disruptive startups in Latin America to bring innovation to producers, corporations and traders.


This program, which is being held for the third time in Latin America, provides mentoring, visibility and acceleration to startups in order to turn them into the most disruptive and innovative solutions for the agricultural and agribusiness industry in Latin America.


After receiving more than 150 applications from different parts of Latin America, NXTP Labs selected 18 startups from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia, which will participate in mentoring, workshops, training, corporate meetings and other activities aimed at taking companies to the next level.



Startups that will participate in the Program activities based in Argentina:


VAQAPP (Argentina): Mobile application for buying and selling livestock directly


AgriRed (Argentina): the first B2B network of inputs for agriculture. It is a portal created and designed for companies in the sector to operate online


SinergiaTech (Peru): the Swiss Army Knife of Precision Agriculture. We bring together what your field has to tell you in one place


ControlT (Colombia): Traceability management and risk prevention platform for goods transport


Gopool (Argentina): A platform for group purchases and sales, so that residents can purchase their agro-inputs together.


DAMS (Argentina): Automatically generates key information to improve productivity, safety and management in industrial operations.


Climate Sense (Argentina): They help improve production processes with real-time climate data.


ARTIS International S.A (Argentina): The company facilitates the flow of logistics and documents for national and international trade. (Argentina): a digital platform that allows you to make collections and payments with rural cards quickly and securely.


Ponce (Argentina): Agricultural Irrigation Equipment Monitoring and Fault Detection System.



Startups that will participate in the Program activities based in Uruguay


Zafrales (Uruguay): connecting work to work through technology


Krooping (Uruguay) Integrates the agricultural chain with technology to avoid unnecessary records and improve decision making (Uruguay): Bridging the gap between cattle sellers and buyers through a fair and transparent digital platform


Vendagro (Uruguay): trading platform for physical soybeans, and shortly for other grains


AgroTi (Uruguay): company dedicated to designing, implementing and installing technological solutions that help to make the tasks in agriculture simpler and more reliable. .


Egrow (Uruguay): an automated hydroponic system that allows you to have the best of your crop in the shortest time possible without having previous knowledge.


TraSemGra (Uruguay): solution for the traceability of seeds and grains that allows the collection of technical information in the production of seeds and grains without Internet connection.