Fintech Acceleration Program: announcement of selected startups

NXTP Labs started the activities of its Regional Acceleration Program FinTech 2018, with the aim of boosting innovation in the banking and financial industry through disruptive solutions.


After receiving almost 300 applications from different parts of Latin America, NXTP Labs has so far selected 41 startups from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Peru, which will participate in mentoring, workshops, trainings, corporate meetings and many more activities aimed at taking companies to the next level.


The first startups selected to participate in the FinTech 2018 Program from NXTP Labs offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru are:


  • 2Transfair (Colombia): Global network of non-financial electronic transactions for local and cross-border fair-price payments
  • (Chile): Increase the money saved by people with simple stimuli
  • (México): Financial services for everyone
  • Apperto (Argentina): Platform that allows users to conect digitally with its community
  • ArkAngeles (México): Co-investments in the best startups
  • ArmaTuVaca (Colombia): Development of disruptive and innovative business models with the aim of revolutioning traditional banking
  • Axend (México): Global marketplace of alternate investments
  • BeWorkSite (Chile): Virtual worksites virtuales, selling products and services adapted to the agreement with the companies
  • Bistrosoft (Argentina): Food software
  • Buenbit (Argentina): Marketplace to exchange crypto-coins and crypto-actives
  • Cocoche (Argentina): Rental car platform between individuals
  • Colectivismo (México): Most innovative platform of loans and investments in Mexico
  • Comunidad Feliz (Chile): Manages communities in an efficient, simple and time-efective way
  • Contrato Marco (Colombia): Cloud solutions to make the banks transform the digital experience of its customers in by-product operations
  • Culqui (México): Marketplace for online platforms of payment for digital business in LATAM
  • Digiventures (Argentina):  Online customer acquisition management platform  
  • Distrito Pyme (México): Connect SMEs with finance companies and/or banks that are looking for credit.
  • DRUO (Colombia):  Point of sale system with inventories, payments and reports
  • Faktum (México): Collective Invoice Funding
  • Guarumo (Colombia): They create technological solutions using the power of artificial intelligence and bots
  • Hackmetrix (Chile):Web Vulnerability Assessment Tool
  • Junar (Argentina): API Management Software
  • Koalia (Argentina): Loyalty program based on cashback
  • MoyoAi (México): A credit score that changes how financial services work. We help our clients improve their credit risk assessment processes.
  • NegoZona (Argentina): Marketplace for the purchase, sale and valuation of businesses and franchises
  • Ok Seguros (Colombia):Online insurance comparison and quotation platform, providing savings of up to 50% on the purchase
  • OrionX (Chile): Educational platform that allows the P2P exchange of cryptocoins.
  • PágaloAsí (Chile): App to receive electronic payments (credit and debit cards, transferences and more) through the mobile phone
  • Pagaris (México): Multiple interbank payments making a single transfer
  • Panda Exchange (Colombia): A company specialized in application development, digital marketing, outsourcing and custom solutions
  • Payit (México): The easy way to collect and pay
  • Prezzta (Uruguay): P2P loans
  • Quincelana (México): Payroll advances through an App, Web and SMS
  • Solven (Perú):  We connect credit applicants with online financial institutions
  • TrendyTrade (USA): Decentralizes the knowledge of financial markets via technology, through information and transaction tools
  • TuVideoCV (Argentina): Video platform that applies technology for personnel selection
  • UALET (Colombia): The first regulated roboadvisor with digital onboarding that gives access up to $10,000
  • Vita Token (Chile): Digital Asset based on BlockChain technology and Ethereum’s Smart Contracts
  • Zcanit (México): Connects the dots of the billing ecosystem
  • Zenrise (Argentina): Collection management


Between the 2015 and 2017 editions of the Fintech Program, NXTP Labs mapped around 600 new FinTech startups. Thus, together with the banking and financial industry, NXTP Labs is helping to co-create the region’s most important innovation hubs to position Latin America as a pioneer in fintech.


At the same time, some of the Fintech startups in which NXTP Labs has already invested in and are part of its investment portfolio are: Afluenta, Signatura, Wayniloans, Crowdium, Moni, iBillonaire, VU, Increase, Pago Rural, Bit Pagos and Weeshing, among others.


“We are very excited about this new group of Fintech startups that we are accompanying in the Program. We are identifying more mature startups, teams with more consolidated knowledge, and at the same time a greater willingness on the part of the financial industry to listen and to proactively integrate with startups,” said Ciro Echesortu, Regional Program Director for NXTP Labs. “We are already working actively with banks like Scotiabank  who has internal integration with startups, and we want to promote this type of process in other companies in the industry by showing the value that the Fintechs we work with can bring them”.



About the Fintech 2018 Conference

The Fintech 2018 Regional Acceleration Programme concludes with the Fintech Conference, whose theme this year is “Beyond Blockchain”. The meeting will bring together the region’s main banking and financial industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and Fintech innovators in a day with keynotes, discussion panels, regional Pitch Competition and more than 25 speakers from around the world.


Topics will include: the impact of Blockchain technology for the future, experiences and success stories of ICOs in Latin America, integrations and business cases, among many others.


Some of the speakers confirmed so far are Thayde Olarte (Scotiabank), Gonzalo Blousson (Signatura), Joaquín Moreno (Consensys), Sebastián Serrano (Ripio), Marta Cruz and Ariel Arrieta (NXTP Labs). The Conference will take place on 14 and 15 November in Mexico City.