Innovation Day: Adecoagro explored new possibilities of integration with startups

Adecoagro’s Innovation Day was held at IAE Business School’s Campus Pilar on December 19th.
Startups Agtech specially selected by NXTP Labs were presented in front of a whole auditorium with employees and customers of Adecoagro, in an event held to bring innovation to the company.
The presentation of the startups was divided in two parts: early-stage startups like Avancargo, Auravant, Digirodeo, Humber and La Rotonda and, also, more advanced companies like Satellogic and Tambero.

“If we want to be entrepreneurs, our country needs to grow. Innovation is the only way”.

Mariano Mayer, Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs of the Ministry of Production, held the opening of the encounter and talked about the challenge of developing a business in Argentina and being competitive: “If we want to be entrepreneurs, our country needs to grow. Innovation is the only way”.

In words of Alejandro López, Head of Sustainability of Adecoagro, the main goal of the event was to “awaken the entrepreneurial spirit” of the company. “We believe that through an innovation event, the entrepreneurs will connect in a better way with the whole ecosystem. We’re reaching a very high level of production thanks to technology and process implementation”, he affirmed.

Particularities of Agtech investments, Agtech environment in Latam and Argentina, how to boost entrepreneurs to reach next level were only some of the main topics of the Innovation Day.

The great assistance, among who was Adecoagro’s Board and the huge participation of the audience through questions and comments showed the interest of the staff of the company in implementing innovation.

At the closing and before the networking, Mariano Bosch -CEO of the company- motivated CEOs and employers to incorporate technology internally and externally, promoting the relationship with startups, to be able to work together as a whole in the evolution of the ecosystem. This will open a whole lot of opportunities for participating startups and future developments of Adecoagro.