Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you just want a straight answer about how things operate and why. Here’s a list of common questions, what we think and how we work.

What is NXTP Labs??

We are a early stage venture firm focused on building the best ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and corporates in Latam. We believe in the power of technology as a driver of impact at scale. As part of our pipeline strategy, we develop vertical-specific acceleration programs to find the best startups in Latin America

What kind of investments does NXTP Labs make?

We believe that there is a great opportunity in Latin America as it is 600 million people target market with significant local friction and many verticals without clear market leaders. We seek local talent with global ambitions that are building world-class companies, leveraging relative lower costs and valuation arbitrage opportunities. We support, fund and scale companies with innovative technological solutions that democratize access to products and services previously unavailable to large parts of the population in Latin America.
Since 2011, we have taken an active role in investing a small amount of money (typically, 25k) and accelerating early-stage tech companies. These types of investments give us the best opportunity to influence a company’s success and produce very appealing returns. We co-invest in subsequent financing rounds of portfolio companies at later stages. We support companies with their expansion and growth strategies. We have preemptive rights to invest in the +40 high impact companies. We participate in series A and B rounds financing rounds of portfolio companies and look for more deals of 1M-5M size in our proprietary network.

How do I get funded by NXTP Labs?

Through our acceleration programs: If you are selected in one of our acceleration programs we sign a legal document in which we reserve the right to invest in your company for a specific time period. It typically stands between 2 and 5 years.
For seed/early stage investments: We value referrals from our network. This includes mentors and founders of NXTP Labs previous acceleration programs.

What type of companies does NXTP Labs look for?

For our acceleration programs: We look for strong teams running a MVP with regional or global ambitions and excellent execution skills.
For seed/early stage investments: We look for ventures with exponential growth and strong product/market fit that are generating a positive impact through technology in Latin America. We  participate in series A and B rounds financing rounds of portfolio companies and look for more deals of 1M-5M size in our proprietary network.

How will NXTP Labs help me if they invest in my venture?

Being an entrepreneur is hard.  Thankfully, most of the challenges you are facing are very similar to the ones your fellow entrepreneurs are facing.  At NXTP we have seen and helped hundreds of ventures get off the ground, gain traction, and grow to fulfill their potential.  We are here to help you through the process. As an NXTP portfolio company, you gain access to the firm’s leadership team, its experience and a wide network of mentors and like-minded professionals willing and able to help your venture succeed.  

Business opportunities:
As we develop meaningful relationships with corporate partners and we create new business opportunities for our portfolio companies.

One of the greatest challenges a fast-growing company faces is finding the right talent to build out the management team.  We put our rolodex are your disposal to help you find talent for the critical roles you need to staff.

We participate in  late seed, series A and B financing rounds of portfolio companies and work with other venture capital firms in the region to help you get the financing you need.

We love bragging about our entrepreneurs in our local and international events. We help you send your press releases to a broad network of supporting journalists.

If my startup does not labeled as Agtech or Fintech how can I get funded?

Since 2015 we have specialized in two sectors: Fintech and Agtech. Sometimes we open new opportunities with our corporate partners. Stay tuned through our social media channels. Even though, you should know we do not invest directly in seed stage if the startup is not part of our acceleration programs or referred by one of our network members.  

How can I invest in NXTP Labs?

We review over 1000 deals per year. NXTP Labs´ seasoned team skillfully identifies the most promising companies then partners with them to accelerate their path to success. That’s what we do with innovation, we make it worth writing home about… and writing checks for.

NXTP Labs story

NXTP Labs was founded in 2011 by Ariel Arrieta, Francisco Coronel, Gonzalo Costa and Marta Cruz. Having invested in over 200 startups across Latin America, they have built one of the most prominent investment management firms in the region investing in impactful and scalable businesses leveraging technology in Latin America.


We develop acceleration programs aligned with industry interests. Stay tuned on our call for startups.