Applications are now open for startups that bring innovation to financial industry

NXTP Lab’s Fintech Acceleration Program opens 2018 applications for Latin American startups that bring innovation to banking industry. Applications will be open until April 13th.The program will provide mentorship, visibility and acceleration to the selected companies with the goal of turning them into the most disruptive solutions for the financial industry of Latin America. Through the program, NXTP Labs will also connect startups with corporations so they can incorporate innovation.

Benefits for entrepreneurs
The selected entrepreneurs will have access to 12 weeks of intensive activities like mentorships and trainings with experts that will help them to take their company to the next level.
Besides, they will be part of NXTP Labs’ network -with more than 400 mentors from all around the world that will help them with the development of their projects -and obtain discounts in technology valuated in USD 500 k.
They will also have access to contacts as investors and corporations and will receive support to expand to their operations to other countries of Latam and will have the opportunity of being invested by NXTP Labs (USD 25k to 1MM).
Furthermore, selected startups will compete for the possibility of exposing their company inFintech Conference 2018 that will take place in Mexico City  in front of 500 key players of the industry in Latam.

NXTP Labs will look for startups within the following sectors:

  • Bitcoin, Crypto & Blockchain
    Smart contracts, Payments and transferences, other applications
  • Solutions for companies
    Billing platforms, Accountability, Casing Management
  • Loans and credit access
    P2P lending, Microloans, Financial Inclusion
  • Insurance & Risk Management
    P2P Insurance, Insurance Brokers, Personal Insurance, IoT
  • Colective financing
    Syndicates, Credit Rating, Crowdlending
  • Trading & Markets
    Social trading, Microtrading, Brokers, Currencies exchange
  • Infrastructure for banks
    Scoring, Identity, Fraud, Banking APIs, Big Data & Analytics
  • Financial Management & Education
    Personal Finances, Financial Education, Wealth Management
  • Forms of payment & remittances
    Platforms, Micropayments, Integration with offline media

Basic requirements:

  • Being an early-stage startup with a developed prototype  
  • Having an innovative and disruptive business
  • Counting on a scalable iniciative with a high growth potential and global or regional focus
  • A product that has a quick comercial insertion
  • Compromise and full-time dedication of the founding team

Link to apply and obtain more information: :