NXTP Labs selected the startups that will participate in Agtech Program 2017

NXTP Labs selected the startups that will participate in Agtech Program 2017


NXTP Labs announced the startups that were selected to provide innovation to the farming industry through the Regional Agtech Acceleration Program 2017, an initiative meant to identify the most disruptive startups of Latam in order to provide innovative solutions to producers, seed companies and traders.

After receiving more than 130 applications from different places of Latin America, NXTP Labs selected 16 startups from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia, that will participate in mentorships, workshops, training, meetings with corporations and other activities that will help the startups reach their next level.

A great part of the startups’ founders from Argentina come from agricultural lands like Santa Fé, Córdoba and Pehuajó.
The startups selected by now to participate in Agtech 2017 Program are:

  • Agropool (Argentina): Agropool allows agricultural producers get together to purchase supplies with discount prices
  • Albor (Argentina): Integral Management web tool for agricultural enterprises complemented by multi enterprise, multi language mobile apps.
  • Avancargo (Argentina): On-demand platform for hiring load transport. Technological solution for load shippers
  • Garage Agro (Argentina): Data Science used to give backup to producers and industry by tracking and analyzing online data to optimize decision making
  • Ganado 360 (Uruguay): Web platform that allows direct trade of cattle between producers, making the process more efficient
  • Grou (Colombia): Helps small agricultural business to grow, closes the gap between farming production and urban demand by using an online sales channel to trade their products
  • Laurus (Argentina): Urban agriculture robotized enterprise, aimed at the creation of crop networks distrib ers a cattle control system and services platform with marketplace
  • Rastros (Argentina): Geographical information services applied to agricultural production that allows a more efficient production, improving the performance and taking care of the resources
  • Rizoma (Uruguay): Rizoma AgroTech is a startup that brings technological solutions that facilitate the traceability, management and monitoring in agricultural zones
  • Siembro (Argentina): online market for agri credits
  • Spacedat (Perú): Digital platform for agricultural management based on data received with drones, with integration with other tech apps that allows producers optimize the use of resources and increase their revenues
  • The Food Market (Argentina): Online market for direct purchase to local producers
  • TuCampo (Uruguay): The Airbnb of the farming industry, a marketplace for the offer and demand of agricultural services
  • ZHU (Uruguay): Works in the development of the “bamboo ecosystem” in Uruguay and the region. It’s a startup based on sustainable production, environment balance and social wellness
  • Drone.uy (Uruguay): Robotic tools development and software for commercial Drones leaders in the market with the goal of improving the productive activities in farming

Throughout the nexts months these startups will be part of an acceleration process that will provide them with mentorships, workshops, networking events, institutional and regional support, in order to take them to the next level.


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