NXTP Labs announced the startups selected for its Fintech program 2017

NXTP Labs began its activities for Fintech Acceleration Program 2017, an iniciative destined to identify the most disruptive startups of Latin America to bring innovation to banking and financial industry.

After receiving more than 150 applications from different places of all the region, NXTP Labs selected, until this moment, 40 startups from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, México, Panamá and Perú, which will be part of mentorships, workshops, trainings, meetings with corporations and more activities that will take their startups to the next level.

With the addition of these companies to their program, NXTP Labs consolidates as leader investor of Latam, overcoming 30% total of the market in the region.

The first startups selected to participate in Fintech Regional Program 2017 are:




  • Becual: Online credit marketplace for businesses and investors
  • Comunidad Feliz: Condominum management platform
  • CryptoMarket: Digital asset exchange
  • CurrencyBird: Currency exchange platform
  • FinTree: Report automation tool for family offices
  • Inkk: Collaborative platform to manage critical innovation challenges in a big company
  • Operatio: Online integration tool for POS, stock control and audits
  • Finciero: Wealth management tool focused on education, with pre-paid cards
  • ZeroQ: Mobile app for line-up management and customer retention


  • Finantic: Personalized finance tool
  • HomeParte: Real estate crowdfuding platform
  • Gulungo: Online lending platform for SMEs
  • Movizzon: Platform that measures and optimizes mobile user experience
  • Movilpass:  Platform to manage compensation packages for employees and businesses
  • LaVaquinha: Crowdfunding and purchasing tool
  • Payvalida: Payments solution for small businesses and its clients
  • Propiadata: People-centric data management tool





  • Masblu: Easy management of digital assets

(This startup will attend Program activities in NXTP Colombia´s offices)


  • Axxiona: Consumer microlending platform
  • Tasa Top: Online auction and marketplace for bank savings

(Both startups will attend Program activities in NXTP Colombia´s offices)

During the two previous editions of the Program (2016/2017), NXTP Labs mapped at least 100 new Fintech startups. Therefore, alongside the banking and financial industry, NXTP Labs is helping co-create the most important innovation hubs of the region to position Latin America as a pioneer in Fintech industry.
Some of the Fintech startups in which NXTP Labs has previously invested and are part of its investments portfolio are: Afluenta, Signatura, Wayniloans, Crowdium, Moni, Ibillonaire, VU, Ideame, Increase, Pago Rural, Bit Pagos, Hotel P2P y Weeshing, among others.