Improving the purchase experience in over 25000 Tienda Nube Stores

Tienda Nube ended 2012 with over 25.000 virtual shops created in Latin America and its team keeps working to improve the purchase experience in these shops.

In the first place, considering that Argentina is the country with the highes involvement in social networks in the world, the team decided to launch a new version of the “Facebook Shop”. From now on the user can activate the authomatic publishings in its Facebook Shop to ensure their friends and fans are updated about everything that happens in there. Also, it will be possible to include banners to promote promos and special offers in the social network.

They also launched the customers registration in the shop to ensure the user can get to meet the customers and, at the same time, that customers can follow their purchases in the shop.

Finally, Tienda Nube keeps offering the  free webinars  in the Ecommerce University (in spanish).