NXTP Labs is the most active early-stage fund in Latin America, and we offer the opportunity to invest both in our fund and our portfolio of more than 170 companies.

Investment Opportunity


The cost of starting a technology business has dramatically declined over the past decade; essentially, as a result of open-source software and cloud computing.

Furthermore, critical mass on social networks has allowed for rapid user acquisition, enabling companies to further advance and acquire more users with less capital. The availability of Global platforms that are now available for marketing, distribution, and monetization also play a critical role.

Faster, lower-cost online accessibility combined with the rise of Internet ubiquity through the expansion of a variety of devices, provides a new way of creating and validating a digital business without large amounts of capital investments.

Early-stage investors, while contributing far less capital than traditional investors, generate higher returns, because they invest during the most significant, value-creating phase in a company’s lifecycle. NXTP Labs is taking advantage of this innovative way of investing by making initial, small capital bets as well as heavily invest with entrepreneurial support. The combination of cash investments and knowledge investments is crucial in this stage.

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We implement an innovative investment strategy that works by investing a small amount of money in early stage technology companies coupled with digital business know-how and access to an influential network. Then we make follow-on investments in best performers.

We are building a portfolio comprised of 300 startups and intend to heavily follow-on the companies that yield better returns. We are focused on executing our strategy in order to achieve favorable returns for our investors.

Investors Profile

NXTP Labs is funded by a group of private investors including individuals, family offices, and institutions. Investing in tech startups and in funds like us is risky, illiquid and long term return should be expected.

Typically our investors want:

  • Extraordinary return of investment.
  • Early access to a possibility of direct investment to curated pipeline of startups.
  • Access to innovation, a network of likeminded people made of investors, mentors and entrepreneurs.
  • The opportunity to add value to build a more solid Latin American startup ecosystem.

Why invest in us:

  • Total return on capital maximized by seeking capital appreciation and, from time to time, current income, through the development and management of a diversified portfolio of high-tech Latin American companies.
  • Geographically diverse and distributed investments.
  • NXTP Labs is supported by institutional funds such as CORFO, associated with the Chilean Economic Development Agency, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, National Institute of the Entrepreneur in Mexico (INADEM) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN).