Inappropriate Behavior and Sexual Harassment in the VC Industry

To the entrepreneurial community, investors and mentors:

Even though we took a little time to speak on the issue of inappropriate behavior and/or sexual harassment that have impacted our industry, and taking into account that the subject has attracted the attention of several media outlets -especially the United States- , we are convinced that it is our responsibility to share our position regarding these facts with the local ecosystem

First of all, we want to make it unequivocally and categorically clear that using a situation of power within an organisation to make inappropriate progress on women is completely unacceptable and should not be accepted either by the harassed or by anyone who has knowledge of the fact.

On the other hand, having in mind that gender inclusion and gender perspective are themes that NXTP Labs has been working on since its inception, the fact that our industry suffered episodes in which the dignity of women has been infringed is something that deeply worries us. This situation affirms that the road we have been following in order to strengthen and enhance the role of women in all areas is the right one and that we will continue in it towards the future.

Since the conception of initiatives such as “LAC Women Entrepreneurs” and “WeXchange”, NXTP Labs has been supporting the entrepreneurial activity of women in technology sectors and promoting the formation of founding teams with gender diversity, among many other actions to empower women within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are convinced that committing ourselves to this issue is the right thing to do. When a woman is subjected to a sexist environment, discriminated against or harassed, she is not in a position to unleash her full potential as an entrepreneur, innovator and, of course, her rights as a person are violated.

At NXTP Labs we are more committed than ever to promoting the formation of startups that take into account the gender perspective and where women’s professional role has the same status of respect, equality and parity as that of men. The same applies to NXTP Labs as an organization in all the countries in which it operates and will operate and to all the people who make it up.

Last but not least, we want to make it clear to the entrepreneurial community that they can count on us to support all kinds of initiatives that promote gender equity and denounce any lack of respect for the integrity of all, men and women who aim to build and generate value for their organization, their environment, their country and the entire world