Gear Translations,  express professional translations

Gear Translations, express professional translations

GearTranslations, an online platform, based on crowdsourcing, delivers express human translation in all languages to both corporations and individuals. Offering professional, confidential translations in less than 5 hours for documents such as long business proposals or contracts,  Gear Translations delivers the speed of technology with the quality only a human being can deliver.

The team consists of Lourdes Rivas, CEO and professional translator with previous experience in operations management, Verónica Alaniz, COO, who brings a wealth of operations management and customer service experience to the group and Santiago Samra, CTO with an entrepreneurial background who has been involved in building companies such as IncreasedCard and Wolox.  Gear Translations is equipped with 2, 000 linguistic professionals and translators from different countries around the world, Gear Translations has already delivered more than 25, 000 projects.

Their short-term goal is to become the first global platform to offer human translations in real time and the best interpreter for any person who wants to communicate around the world by means of a cell phone. They are already providing the fastest service in the market, offering 1, 4, 6 and 12-hour delivery from their web platform.

We are facing our biggest challenge right now: Conquering a new market. We have established operations in Spain in 2015 to capture the European market, which represents 50% of the global translation industry.

Welcome to the NXTP Labs family!

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