Date: 17 Ene 2012


The Urbita Network is a group of local-search and travel-related websites.


The Urbita Network is a group of local-search and travel-related websites that covers 180, 000 cities and towns worldwide, featuring updated, curated and easily accessible data, photos, videos, places listings and other information. More than 12 million unique users from all over the world visit our sites every month.

Urbita ( is our flagship property: a local information and a travel information platform covering 180, 000 cities and towns around the world. Urbita is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese and provides information, pictures and listings of local places of each town as well as user-generated boards featuring their personal selections.

Urbita Mobile ( features a streamlined and mobile-friendly interface where users can access most of the local information contained on Urbita. Rather than seeing user-generated boards or large search results, users are offered curated selections of the Top Things To Do in every city and town, classified into five main categories.

Travel Videos ( is a search engine exclusively for travel and local videos about virtually every city and town in the world, gathered from a variety of sources and organized using Urbita’s database. Travel Videos features a mobile-friendly interface and is available in 17 languages.



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