Date: 26 May 2015


Gone! offers an app that enables individuals to sell, recycle, and discard their possessions.


Gone! The app that gets you the most value for anything you no longer use without the hassles of pricing, listing, shipping or in-person drop-offs.

The consumer-facing side of our app lets users submit any item(s) they want to sell, donate, recycle or just throw out. The Gone! app does the rest of the work by creating the online listing at a price the user agrees to and lists the item(s) to the most appropriate marketplaces online. As soon as it’s sold, we ship the box and label to the seller who then completes the process by simply packaging the sold items.

We take on all of the pains related to reselling, recycling and disposing of items and the reverse logistics in the secondary market. We provide easy-to-use tools and efficient operations that quickly handle the inventorying, pricing, listing, reselling, distribution and arranging carrier pickup of individual items.

The Gone! app helps you get the most for the things you don’t use, no matter what it is, with none of the hassle.


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