We are most active early-stage tech investor in Latin America

With operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay, NXTP Labs is the most active early-stage fund for tech companies in Latin America. We have partnered with teams from more than 15 countries, and have invested in more than 160 companies in just over 4 years of operations.

We have developed and implemented an innovative accelerating program which provides young entrepreneurs with seed funding plus infrastructure, training, mentoring and interactive marketing services.

We assist entrepreneurs with the plan, the prototype, the business system, the marketing and the growth strategy. Once the company has found their first break-even point and start to make money, we help them to go even further to open new business operations in different countries.

We have a strong digital business know-how, rich regional business experience and relevant international contacts in the target sector of high value-added technological companies. We are rolling out a program that enables mentors, in different areas, not only provide their knowledge but also co-invest in its accelerated companies.


We invest US$ 25,000 as a seed investment in your company in return for minority equity stakes (usually between 2% and 10%)  and we make subsequent investments of up to USD 1 million on the best performers. 

Hands-on Advice & Mentorship

Our team has a solid track record in creating, growing and selling companies. We have a hands-on approach to working with startups, that coupled with our impressive cast of mentors adds value to our companies in a short period. This advice and support continues during the life of the company.


We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have created a thriving entrepreneurial environment distributed in 6 countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and United States. Our office spaces in Buenos Aires and Santiago contributes to cross-fertilization among the companies in the portfolio. Every month we meet with our founders in #firstthursday meet-ups. And once a year we meet at NXTP Labs Summit.

Investment Focus

We seek investment opportunities in seed-stage and early-stage internet, mobile & technology companies in Latin America with regional or international growth potential. NXTP Labs has invested in +160 companies. Well, most of our portfolio companies rock.


About Us

NXTP Labs is an early stage investment fund with an acceleration program. We focus on technology startups that are pursuing global or regional opportunities in Latin America. We provide seed funding, consulting services, hands-on advice, training and, most importantly, access to a top-notch network of mentors and entrepreneurs across Latin America, Europe and the US.


Access to a broad network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors around the globe.

Seed Funding

We make an initial seed investment of US$ 25,000 in each company in return for a minority stake (between 2% and 10%). We make subsequent investments of up to USD 1 Million on best performers.

Hands-On Support


We are entrepreneurs ourselves and our team has a solid track record in supporting, accelerating and selling companies. We have a hands-on approach to working with startups, which, coupled with our mentor network, quickly adds value to our portfolio companies.


Every week our companies have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and workshops featuring seasoned entrepreneurs, angel investors and VCs that speak on the key issues of every startup.

Consultancy Services

In alliance with other companies, we provide entrepreneurs with technical support in marketing, advertising, social media, IT, creative design and public relations, along with support in legal and financial matters, accounting, human resources and business development.

Investment Focus

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